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Almost Wordless Wednesday—Davie Poplar

Davie Poplar After Fire Damage

On November 2, 2017 a former student set fire to a UNC Chapel Hill campus landmark, the Davie Poplar in McCorkle Place. The 300-375 year old tulip poplar was named in honor of Revolutionary War general and university founder William Richardson Davie. The tree was burned at the base.

I am no longer on campus often but on December 3, a month after the fire, a friend and I saw the damage first hand.  We passed by Davie Poplar on way to Franklin Street for lunch before seeing the Playmaker production, Dot.

Scorched Davie Poplar After Fire

**Note: I read the damage is superficial and the tree is expected to be ok, but it will be more clear in Spring. Reports indicate the perpetrator is receiving help.