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The garden is waterlogged after more rain fell overnight, but actually I am writing today about  Waterlogue, an app that turns photos into watercolor paintings.

I normally eschew adding filters to my photos, but last year I saw this inexpensive program recommended highly on the Apple app store and on the spur of the moment I decided to try it.

Current weather conditions notwithstanding, “Rainy” is one of my favorite filters. (Click the gallery to enlarge.)


The app’s interface is clean and simple. Select a photo by clicking on the camera icon where it says, “Start here” and prepare to be mesmerized as the photo is transformed into a painting.

Don’t throw away your bushes and paints if you enjoy the tactile experience of painting, but spending a few minutes with Waterlogue is meditative and relaxing. It is fascinating to see the effect being created.

I seldom have bothered to save the images but a few weeks ago I created my current meditation circle header using Waterlogue. Since then I have intended to share some other watercolor effects. Here are a few more before and after images.