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Are There Really Birds?

Someone read yesterday’s post, Birds Around The Garden, and asked, “Are there really birds in those pictures?”

Probably, but as the birds scatter pretty quickly when I enter the garden I find them very hard to photograph distinctly.

Flowers are generally much more cooperative subjects. They may be tossed around occasionally by a breeze, but blossoms and leaves settle down eventually and unlike birds, do not seem disturbed by my camera.

But as proof of bird life in my garden I was able to capture a minor image this morning of a cardinal in a pine and later, a couple of pictures of the same cardinal seated above a mourning dove that had escaped upwards when startled by my footsteps. With or without photographic evidence the birds are integral to this backyard’s sense of place.  They lead an active and vocal existence in the back section of the garden, bringing a lot of enjoyment to this gardener.