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In A Vase On Monday – Dahlia Tapestry

In A Vase On Monday – Dahlia Tapestry

Each Monday Cathy at Rambling In The Garden invites us to share a vase of materials gathered from our gardens.

Today I’m sharing a not quite finished arrangement showcasing the first dahlia flowers of summer. Mostly short-stemmed, the flowers required a shallow container. I found a glass pedestal dish with a flat bowl that comfortably held a large floral pin and set about to assemble a tapestry. The last of the calla lilies and several small buddleja panicles filled in an area that would have held additional dahlias had there been more ready to pick.

We had a wonderful weekend shared with family, our first get-together after the dreary pandemic months.  Two of my sweet sisters were in town visiting for the weekend to celebrate my birthday and having just made the long trek moving from Los Angeles to the North Carolina mountain town of Asheville, my precious daughter and son-in-law came in for the day on Saturday! We are so grateful for this happy reunion.

In A Vase On Monday – Dahlia Tapestry

Buddleja davidii ‘Adokeep’ (Adonis blue Butterfly Bush)
Dahlia Border Decorative ‘Gallery Pablo’
Dahlia ‘David Howard’
Zantedeschia rehmannii violacea ‘Odessa’ (Odessa Calla Lily)
Baptisia ‘Purple Smoke’
Gaura lindheimeri ‘Passionate Blush’
Glass Pedestal Dish

Hope you have a great week. As always thanks to our host Cathy at Rambling In The Garden for providing this opportunity to to share our vases. Visit her to discover what garden surprises she and others are offering this week.