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Labyrinth ‘Purity’

Today the plantings in the meditation circle seem a tiny step closer to being complete. After months of indecision I decided to continue planting the goal of the labyrinth with Iberis sempervirens ‘Purity’ (Candytuft). In addition to forming evergreen mounds, this cultivar is reputed to be tolerant of a wet or a hot dry site, and it also tolerates humidity. It has already proven itself under these conditions in the labyrinth during the past year.

When the labyrinth was built last March, five ‘Purity’ candytufts were selected particularly to satisfy one major requirement: staying evergreen. Of course it has been extraordinarily mild this winter, but they met the requirement and more by blooming since the first week of December.  A bonus, these flowers are lovely in moonlight and tonight the moon is full.

So, the innermost circle is joined. More plans await.