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Late November

It was 24°F. when I left to teach yoga this morning. After class I braved the still below freezing morning temperature to explore the recently cleaned up garden.  Usually I wait for late winter/early spring to begin the clearing, but I hired some gardening help this year because the garden has gotten out of control. Voles had destroyed a Blue Point Juniper hedge and those trees were dying all summer.  Finally now they are all removed and the southern border looks very exposed.

Southern Border

Now I can see the outlines of the beds. It is not really a clean slate because there still are many aggressive plant roots biding their time, but for now I feel relieved. The meditation circle is free of obstacles and I can reset the stones and enjoying walking the labyrinth once again. My last minute bulb ordered arrived just before Thanksgiving and I can start getting them in the ground.

Meditation Circle

A dwarf Itea with its nice fall color was revealed during the clean-up. Inexplicably the shrub was planted several years ago at the back of a border, where it is hidden most of the time.

Itea virginica ‘Sprich’ LITTLE HENRY (Virginia sweetspire)

Itea virginica ‘Sprich’ LITTLE HENRY (Virginia sweetspire)

Confused, little mixed-up daffodils found the weekend’s 60°F. warmth encouraging enough to peek out. They don’t seem phased by the deep chill.


After the clean-up there is little left in place to offer unexpected blooms, but a couple of dianthus flowers stood out in the sunlight.

Dianthus Ideal Select Mix