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In A Vase On Monday—Blue Mist With Vermilion

In A Vase On Monday – Blue Mist With Vermilion

Each Monday brings an opportunity to join in Cathy’s weekly challenge called In A Vase On Monday. The goal is to fill a vase using materials collected from the garden.

Early this morning I gathered a variety of plants to create a formal arrangement, but time seems to be evaporating today, so I will save that idea for another time. Instead I am sharing a loosely arranged design that practically assembled itself when I was placing the flowers in water for conditioning.

The main focal flowers are sprigs of blue, fuzzy-headed Conoclinium coelestinum and stems of vermilion-hued Chrysanthemum. Off to one side sits a scarlet Dahlia ‘Blue Bell’ flower in a small pewter vase. The strong colors seem appropriate for early autumn.

Conoclinium coelestrium (Blue Mist Flower) and Chrysanthemum

Conoclinium coelestrium (Blue Mist Flower) and Chrysanthemum

Conoclinium coelestinum, also known as Blue Mistflower or Hardy Ageratum, is native to eastern United States and attracts butterflies to the garden. It has been blooming for several weeks and should continue well into fall. The Blue Mistflower and the Chrysanthemum come back reliably every year without any attention.

A couple of leaves from Brunnera macrophylla ‘Silver Heart’  add a heart-shaped foliage accent. Several stems of Perovskia atriplicifolia extend loosely outward, repeating the color of the Blue Mistflower. A slender, flowering stalk of Heuchera villosa ‘Big Top Bronze’ (Coral Bells) added a vertical element to the vase.

In A Vase On Monday

In A Vase On Monday

Both containers used in today’s arrangement are special treasures received many years ago. The little pewter vase was a bridesmaid’s gift from a college friend and is engraved with the date of her wedding. The footed, cut glass vase originally held a sunshiny bouquet of daffodils, a spring token from another friend. The vases are extremely versatile and I have reached for them over and over again to hold small to medium-sized flowers.

Conoclinium coelestinum (Blue Mistflower, Hardy Ageratum)
Dahlia ‘Blue Bell’
Chrysanthemum sp.
Brunnera macrophylla ‘Silver Heart’ (False Forget-Me-Not)
Perovskia atriplicifolia (Russian Sage)
Heuchera villosa ‘Big Top Bronze’ (Coral Bells)

Thanks to Cathy at Rambling In The Garden for hosting. Discover what delightful things she and others are placing In A Vase On Monday.