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Morningtide On First Of May

Morning Garden

The nicest time in my garden can be the early hours between 6 and 8 a.m., when the sun is peeking around, seeking entry past rooftops and fence posts.

Sunlight touching Southern Border

Yesterday, heading down the back steps with a cup of coffee in hand I intend to sit on the black Lutyens bench in front of the meditation circle for a few moments of reflection.

Before I even sit something catches my gaze and of course, I must look.

Iris germanica (Tall bearded iris)

Iris germanica ‘Immortality’ and Tradescantia (Spiderwort)

Paeonia ‘Festiva Maxima’

Paeonia ‘Festiva Maxima’

Satisfied, I continue toward the meditation circle and take a seat. Birds calling and chimes singing are the sounds I notice and sometimes for an instant, there is complete silence.

Antirrhinum majus ‘Montego Violet’ (Snapdragon) and Penstemon digitalis ‘Husker Red’ (Beardtongue)

Pretty soon though I spot a mocking weed that must be plucked right away. There, that takes care of that impetuous intruder! Oops, another one.

Ah, too many weeds to worry about just now, so I relax and take another sip of coffee. But soon I am up wandering around with the camera, exploring each new bloom that has appeared since the previous day.

Dianthus b. ‘Barbarini Mix’ (Dwarf Sweet William)

Iris tectorum (Japanese Roof Iris) and Iris germanica (Tall bearded iris)

Oenothera speciosa (Pink evening primrose)

Now the coffee cup is abandoned. Like the honeybees pausing for nectar at each opportunity, I float round the borders, inhaling rose and peony and iris, and retracing my steps.

Virgie’s Rose – a passalong

Paeonia ‘Pink Parfait’ (Peony)

Tall Bearded Iris

Crossing Paths

I carefully tread lightly into the back of the northern border for a closer inspection, then swing the camera back out across the garden.

Morning Garden

Morning Garden

Morning Garden

Delighting at form, color and wet grass underfoot I recognize the transience of this peaceful moment, and can hardly bear it.