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Garden Bloggers Fling 2017


I first heard of Garden Bloggers Fling when it was scheduled for Asheville in 2012. My garden blog, pbmGarden, was a mere one year old.

My little backyard filled with some pass-along plants barely seemed to qualify as a real garden and at the time I, hesitating to refer to myself as gardener, would only tell people I liked to garden.

In awe as I was at the unique gardens I was reading about across the web, amazed at the depth and breadth of knowledge the authors held, I lacked the confidence to step up and call myself a garden blogger.  Because really, what did I know about gardening or blogging? And so, I did not go to that Fling in Asheville.

Actually though gardeners and (garden bloggers) are wonderfully accepting people, helpful and eager to share information and ideas. Looking back at my early posts and seeing how the meditation circle and borders looked that spring of 2012, I feel I should have had more courage.

Still today I hesitate to call myself a gardener. Instead I might mention I like to garden.

But missing the opportunity to attend that fling just a few hours away in my home state is something I have always regretted.

When Washington, DC was chosen for next year’s gathering of garden bloggers I knew I could not pass this one by.  So courage found, I am registered, the hotel and transportation are set and I am looking forward to meeting the people behind some of my favorite blogs and exploring public and private gardens with new friends.

Coming? It would be wonderful to see you there.