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Garden Club Flowers In A Mug

Flowers In A Mug

Although I have already posted pictures of flowers in a vase today here is another arrangement.

My garden club meets tomorrow morning and each member has been asked to bring in a mug of flowers to set up on a table for a cheerful spring display.

With this in mind, on Sunday I purchased some purple and white stock and some white roses tinted with the barest apricot hue.

Flowers In A Mug-7

The flowers were not in pristine condition, especially the roses, but I used them anyway tonight to create a round design in a heavy, lime green soup mug.

I filled out the arrangement with stems of Japanese holly, branches of spiraea and a few sprigs of lavender.


Flowers In A Mug-2 Flowers In A Mug-3 Flowers In A Mug-5

In thinking about how the design turned out I would change several things. I would increase the number of roses and reduce the stems of stock. Perhaps I will like it better when the stock finishes opening.

Flowers In A Mug-6

I used the Japanese holly stems around the base of the mug to hide the florist’s foam and it seems very dark and dense. Next time I might opt for lavender or something else that is lighter.

I also cut the roses too short and should have adjusted the other material accordingly. In fact, lowering the arrangement by several inches might improve the overall proportions, but overall I am please with the balance.

The white stock is especially pretty, more fully open and fresher than the purple one.
Flowers In A Mug-8

Flowers In A Mug-9

Flowers In A Mug-10

This was a fun design to create and it is always a good learning experience to work with different materials. It will be fun to see the other members’ mugs. The spring garden table will be overflowing with flowers at tomorrow’s meeting.