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A Decade Of Sharing The Garden


The garden dates to 2001 but I began a garden blog on January 7, 2011, ten years ago. I am rather glad it began not on the day prior, as January 6, 2021 shall live in infamy for the insurrection and mob attacks on the Capitol of the United States of America.  On a date which brought such dishonor to this country, in the ensuing years I would feel it pretty insignificant to write about seeds, plants, achievements or goals for my minor little garden.  I have read explanations but have never understood what would make anyone support the unqualified, supremely offensive lesser being who was voted to lead America four years ago. That he received more than his own pitiful vote in the 2020 election is a mystery and a sad reflection on the state of this country. America will be dealing with the aftermath of his lies for many years to come.

So I am grateful my blogging anniversary does not fall on January 6. I will concentrate on gardening once more, but I will remember that date.


There is no peace in the garden today, but there will be again. At some point I wrote these words for my About page: Each day in my garden is both a history of my life and a fresh beginning.


Spring will return to the garden. Thanks for visiting pbmGarden, for sharing your support,  knowledge and friendship.


Marking Time With A Garden

Snapdragons in Meditation Circle -April 22, 2017

Seven years ago, on January 7, 2011, I wrote my first pbmGarden article. Since that time I have been honored by your presence at my humble garden gate.

Lilium ‘Black Out’ (Asiatic lily)  – May 25, 2017

Initiated as a record-keeping discipline while I was working through some garden improvements, this blog has ended up being a source of deep personal satisfaction. You, dear readers, are the reason. As the garden grew, friendship sprouted. You have cheered me on with your own garden wisdoms and encouraged my efforts large and small.

Snapdragons in Meditation Circle – April 22, 2017

We share a love of nature, we savor gardening moments, we find energy, solace and joy among the trees, birds and flowers. Through our gardens we are nourished.

Iris sibirica (Siberian Iris) – April 26, 2017

It is a pleasure to have you visit. May our paths cross again soon.

Crossing Paths

Looking Back At 2017

Floral designs created for In A Vase On Monday were the majority of my posts this year, but there were some noteworthy moments in the garden itself. With emphasis on spring, my favorite time in the garden, here are a few favorites from 2017. Enjoy this quick view or click on a image to see the images full-size in a slideshow.

Six Years In A Blink And Waiting

Snowy View Of Meditation Circle

Snowy View Of Meditation Circle

Promising myself to work toward renovating the garden,  I launched pbmGarden with an initial post on January 7, 2011.

Undoubtedly, making a public commitment in an online journal helped me stick to a few of those early improvement goals.  The labyrinth and meditation circle is one achievement from that period.

Snowy View Of Meditation Circle

Snowy View Of Meditation Circle

In the intervening six years plants, plans and even enthusiasm for gardening have cycled through high points and low.

An unexpected benefit stemming from penning that first garden entry has been receiving the support of gardeners from many corners of the world. Entering the wonderful community of garden bloggers has been a joy. I thank you readers for your kind comments, helpful advice and generous spirit, all of which have led to genuine and cherished friendships.

Snowy View Of Meditation Circle

Snowy View Of Meditation Circle

Today the garden is decorated with a winter coat of white, just a couple of inches of fine powdery snow, though six to eight inches had been predicted. The smaller amount is cover for a treacherous icy layer beneath.

For those of us living in this area, temperatures are extreme, as this forecast illustrates:


The exact numbers keep changing but frigid cold promises to make traveling the little winding curving roads leading out of my neighborhood dangerous to nearly impossible for the next few days. In the fifteen years of living here, snow plows have come through only once.

Normally I would not mind waiting it out but this has proved a particularly frustrating and disruptive weather event, affecting a planned all-weekend activity and threatening an important appointment for early Monday.  Deep sigh. Deep sigh. Deep sigh.

Lessons learned from walking this meditation path are more valuable than ever today.

Breathe in.  Breathe out.

Snowy Meditation Path

Snowy Meditation Path

After Five

Iberis sempervirens (Candytuft)

Iberis sempervirens (Candytuft)

Five years ago today my initial pbmGarden entry, Garden Regeneration, began with these words.

The garden has been neglected the last few years. Too many frustrations: deer, noisy surroundings, drought, and life’s distractions. Time again to focus on what is important and to create a peaceful setting.

I began a garden blog on January 7, 2011, as a way to document some planned renovations, while also establishing some post-retirement discipline for myself. I never imagined at the time how much enjoyment it would bring.

Because of writing pbmGarden I have watched more closely the cycle of seasons, listened more keenly to bird song and call, and felt sincerely the friendships of readers from many parts of the world. I am glad you are part of my life and I thank you.

The perfect garden has proven to be elusive, but it is easy to spend a good day in the garden and to know a peaceful moment.

Fooled by temperate weather in December and despite below freezing temperatures this week, hyacinths are bursting forth with color. The weekend is expected to be very warm again and wet.

Hyacinth orientalis

Hyacinth orientalis


In January I usually write a review of the previous gardening year. I am starting with images of my Monday vases from 2015.