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Early May Flowers 2016

Iris germanica (Bearded iris) (bearded German Iris)

Iris germanica (Bearded iris) (bearded German Iris)

In bud this pass-along iris from my friend Cathy is a rich black. It opens to a deep purple.

The week has been stormy, with heavy rains at times, and though sunshine prevailed today, Thursday’s forecast calls for more storms. The garden is in full bloom so I have been taking photographs of sodden and drenched flowers.

Long ago at my former home, a neighbor, Henrietta, shared many Tall Bearded Iris with me. This is one I like very much. The coloration on top of the falls where the markings are, displays a  chocolate cast before blending into a lovely purple.

Iris germanica (Bearded iris) (bearded German Iris)

Iris germanica (Bearded iris) (bearded German Iris)

The red flowers in the previous image actually grow on my Iceberg Rose.  Did I prune it back too far at some point or is this a sport? For quite a few years there have been some red flowers, but this year I have not seen any white flowers on the bush.


I created a Mesh gallery to share more garden views at this point in May. If you have time for a tour, click to start. You can make the images full-screen using the 4-corners icon.


This little bunny has been eating pansies from the meditation circle and no telling what else the past two weeks. Here it is hiding among aquilegia and gladioli.

LIttle Rabbit Foo-Foo

Little bunny in hiding.

What is captivating you in your early May garden?

Rainy Sunday Happiness

It rained off and on all day and the outlook is the same for tomorrow. I’ll need to schedule some time for straightening and pruning after a fierce thunderstorm passed through last with heavy wind and rain, soaking the garden and sweeping over the catmint, roses and scabiosa. Fortunately the peony buds withstood the battering. Actually almost everything was fine and I am very happy with the way the garden has come together this year.

The first bloom on the black iris appeared today. The standards of this enormous ruffled flower are very deep purple, the falls are inky dark.Iris germanica (Bearded iris) -4

Iris germanica (Bearded iris) -3

Iris germanica (Bearded iris) -2

Iris germanica (Bearded iris)

Despite ongoing efforts to reduce the amount of spiderwort in the garden, it is still cropping up everywhere. I find it lovely early in the season, but must redouble my efforts to keep it under control.
Tradescantia (Spiderwort)

The garden is far from perfect, but I do not picture it too far ahead. My garden is a journey, maybe just a playground. At any it works. It is enough. Every time I glanced out the window and glimpsed the garden today, I felt such happiness.