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In A Vase On Monday—Red On Red

Monarda didyma (Scarlet Beebalm)

Monarda didyma (Scarlet Beebalm)

Each Monday brings opportunity to practice flower arranging by joining in Cathy’s weekly challenge In A Vase On Monday. The goal is to fill a vase using materials gathered in one’s own garden.

I had hoped to feature gardenias this week, but they are in very poor condition this year. None were pristine, most were brown, but I managed to find just a single usable bloom. Fortunately Monarda didyma (Scarlet Beebalm) is just coming into flower this week and I was able to incorporate a flowing arc of red into this week’s arrangement. Glossy green leaves of Camellia sasanqua and silvery branches of lavender complete the design.

Monarda didyma (Scarlet Beebalm) and Gardenia

Monarda didyma (Scarlet Beebalm) and Gardenia

The red and black raku pot used to hold the flowers is one of several I have collected by Charles Chrisco, who grew up in the Seagrove/Jugtown area of North Carolina where there is a rich  history of traditional pottery making.

Outline foliage: Camellia sasanqua
Round focal flower: Gardenia jasminoides
Filler foliage: Lavandula x intermedia ‘Dutch’ (Dutch Lavender)
Outline flowers: Monarda didyma (Scarlet Beebalm)

Monarda didyma (Scarlet Beebalm)

Monarda didyma (Scarlet Beebalm)

Thanks to Cathy at Rambling In The Garden for hosting. I encourage you to visit her to learn what she and others are placing In A Vase On Monday.

All In Good Time

Minty fragrant leaves of Monarda didyma (Scarlet Bee Balm) had emerged by the first week of January, but unlike so many plants that bloomed early this year, Monarda is beginning to flower at exactly the same time as last spring. I have been watching and waiting for several weeks now for the first red flowers to appear, but for this eastern North American native yesterday was soon enough.

A Piedmont Native – Bee Balm

Monarda (Bee balm)

Monarda didyma (Bee Balm) began blooming in the garden this week and hummingbirds found it right away.

Native to much of eastern North American, this perennial grows in full sun to about 4 feet tall, has square stems and fragrant, tubular red flowers.

Family: Lamiaceae
Genus: Monarda
Species: M. didyma