A wife ∙ mother∙ sister ∙ friend ∙ artist ∙ yogi ∙ software developer and a
🍃 gardener, contemplating plants and renovating my perennial garden in Chapel Hill, NC.

Established 2001, this is a modest, backyard cottage-style garden. It is filled with pass-along plants that evoke memories of special people and places.

At the beginning of 2011 I began an effort to rejuvenate the plantings, enhance the structure, and create a more private, intimate setting for quiet reflection.  I began writing pbmGarden at the same time to document ideas and record progress. The writing and the gardening have become complementary activities, often one inspiring the other. By photographing the garden through its various stages I try to capture and convey the spirit of this place.

The first year of the renovation project is summarized in 2011 – A Garden Review.

A highlight of my garden from 2011 is a twenty-foot diameter meditation circle with plantings that continue to evolve.

Each day in my garden is both a history of my life and a fresh beginning.

26 thoughts on “About

  1. AndrewGills

    Thank you for visiting my garden blog because it helped me discover your stunning garden. I am following it now so look forward to your entries arriving in my inbox.

    I agree that blogging about gardening and gardening often inspire each other 🙂 That’s why I’ve started my little garden blog too 🙂

  2. Corinne Schillin

    I’m so delighted to discover your inspiring blog. Your stunning photographs and artful text just about take my breath away. Seeing this is a spritual practice in itself. And I’m intrigued by your to know more about regional perennials; thank you for sharing.

  3. Robbie

    I admire your garden goals… “Sense of place, purpose, rejuvenation and joy”…look forward to reading your blog + seeing your garden grow:-)

  4. sukhmeet21902015

    I was thinking to write about my own garden from few days but was not sure where to start from but now I am inspired by your blog.

    Thanks for writing

  5. AnnetteM

    A lovely vase which looks great from all angles. I love the Penstemon ‘Husker’s Red’. Mine hasn’t done too well over the last few years, so I think I have it in the wrong place, but it is looking a bit better this year. It looks great in your vase.

    1. pbmgarden Post author

      Hi Annette. There is one Husker Red that has not done much for many years–stays the same size, blooms ok but not great. But the original 3 in the meditation circle have been prolific bloomers and self-seeders, so now I have quite a lot. They seem to really like sun and don’t mind clay soil.

      1. AnnetteM

        That is interesting. Mine is in a rather shady spot as I was trying to lighten it with white flowers. I may need to move it after this year.

  6. Patricia

    Would love to know how often and for how long you water your Pink Chintz Thyme and have you ever had any brown patches? I don’t know if I’ve over or under-watered areas of mine that are brown. Any suggestions?

    1. pbmgarden Post author

      I never water any of the thymes. We had a very wet winter here and the drainage is not very good, but the Pink Chintz held up well. I have another type, mislabeled unfortunately, that turned brown and died out from the center, leaving part of the path in the meditation circle looking bad. I haven’t found a way to rejuvenate it. Good luck.

      1. Patricia

        I’m wondering if my plants were mislabeled…? What kind were yours? Maybe I need to show it to the nursery I purchased them from. I planted 20 flats! and half are all brown! The ones around ends and middle seem fine so far.

      2. pbmgarden Post author

        Wouldn’t hurt to check back with the nursery. Original meditation circle thyme used around path on right-hand side was labeled Thymus x citriodorus (Silver Edge Thyme) but I think it was mislabeled–not fragrant. Over time it has died out from the center while continuing to spread. Not attractive.
        Thymus serpyllum ‘Pink Chintz’ (Pink chintz thyme) was added to the center. It’s done well but also not terribly fragrant.
        Have a couple miscellaneous passalongs also. Good luck.

  7. Elly

    Just found your blog through another one I follow. Your flower arrangements are just superb! I am really enjoying looking through them as I sip a morning cup of tea. Thank you for posting them and making an index for each year. Elly in Australia.


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