Flowery Views

Deconstructed Vase II

I spent a few minutes this morning deconstructing yesterday’s In A Vase On Monday contribution, the one composed of purchased bouquets.

In A Vase On Monday – Flowery Impulse

I wanted to pursue an idea to create an Ikebana design using the Gerbera daisies in the black rectangular container, but I shifted gears right away. It proved more practical to lift out the Gerberas and style them into a different vase rather than to remove all the other materials from the black vase. The vision in my head never materialized but I ended up with two distinct arrangements, that diverge from the original in interesting ways.

Deconstructed Vase I

Deconstructed Vase I

Eventually I removed that tall Sweet William in back at left, which I had liked, but the second version feels more balanced and less tense.

Deconstructed Vase I

The remaining flowers required some shifting around but nothing major. There’s no daring but I ended up liking this incarnation with its soothing, limited palette.

Deconstructed Vase II

Deconstructed Vase II

Deconstructed Vase II

Deconstructed Vase II

It would be fun to rework the vases everyday all week but that probably won’t happen. This was a good exercise though.


15 thoughts on “Flowery Views

      1. tonytomeo

        Some of what you featured is easier to purchase than to grow. Gerbera daisy are somewhat expensive because they take a bit of work to grow, even for the professionals. They are generally not very pretty in home gardens, and if they are, no one wants to cut them because they are pretty outside. When I was a student, I grew alstroemeria, back when it was a new introduction. It was a fun crop, but was not such a great perennial for home gardens. The home garden sorts are more compact and self supporting, but do not produce the elegantly long stems.

  1. smallsunnygarden

    They are both so fresh this way, and you’ve brought spring in with the second hydrangea and dianthus arrangement. Thanks for showing us the rework!

    1. pbmgarden Post author

      I had to pull out the Gerberas yesterday, but the hydrangeas and dianthus are still looking nice. Their softer colors are a relief for this time of year, after the intensity of holiday colors.


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