In A Vase On Monday – April’s Mixed Bouquet

Each Monday Cathy at Rambling In The Garden invites us to share a vase highlighting what is growing in our gardens.

Coral Charm Peony opened last week and how I wish  I could encourage it to be patient: “Take your time beautiful flowers.” One of seven buds opened, followed immediately by the other six at once.  The effect is breathtaking and although I usually I do not mind cutting flowers to bring indoors, I could bear to yield just one for today’s vase.

Paeonia ‘Festiva Maxima,’ loaded with buds, offered up two more large flowers.

With this elegant beginning the garden then beckoned “choose me, choose me!”   Irises, roses, snapdragons all sang out.

Antirrhinum majus ‘Speedy Sonnet White’ (Snapdragon)
Antirrhinum majus ‘Speedy Sonnet Bronze’ (Snapdragon)
Iris germanica ‘Immortality’
Iris germanica ‘Orinoco Flow’
Iris germanica ‘Raspberry Blush’
Iris Tectorum (Japanese Roof Iris)
Paeonia lactiflora ‘Coral Charm’ (Coral Charm Peony)
Paeonia ‘Festiva Maxima’
Rosa (old-fashioned family passalong rose)
Helleborus x hybridus (Lenten rose)
Penstemon Digitalis ‘Husker Red’
Peony leaves
Red/black raku vase, Charles Chrisco, Chrisco’s Pottery

Thanks to Cathy at Rambling In The Garden for hosting and giving us an opportunity to share flower-filled vases across the world. Visit her to discover what she and others found to place in a vase this week. Good health and peace to you.

31 thoughts on “In A Vase On Monday – April’s Mixed Bouquet

    1. pbmgarden Post author

      Thank you! Some plants are looking nice. Overall garden design is a mess. I’ve lost so many trees and shrubs there is little structure or “bones.”

  1. Cathy

    What would I rather do – watch the nightly news or look at your wonderful pictures of ‘Coral Charm’ and ‘Festiva Maxima’? No contest. A lovely vase that lifted me up – Iris ‘Immortality’ is also gorgeous. I bought penstemon ‘Husker Red’ (still in a pot this year, although will go out when we have some rain) simply because you have featured it in the past. Thank you!

    1. pbmgarden Post author

      Hope you will be happy with husker red. I’ve only been able to establish in one place—the meditation circle. It’s getting ready to bloom.

  2. Kris Peterson

    Breathtaking! Despite the preview I got of this vase on Instagram, I sighed all the way through this post, Susie. I’m SO envious of those peonies! My Itoh peony shows no sign of buds, much less blooms, and my Majorcan peony produced just one flower, now long gone. Your post had me checking both plants, though, and I see that the Majorcan peony has some nice fat seed pods so I’ll be checking into what I might be able to do with those.

      1. pbmgarden Post author

        Having a very difficult time entering comments on your blog Kris, so hope this works:
        You have such a huge variety of flowers and all interesting and gorgeous. Great idea to create a “scented” theme. My garden is not as fragrant as I would like.

    1. pbmgarden Post author

      Thanks Cathy. The peonies have been exceptional this year. Do they bloom for you in summer? Much too hot and humid here for them by then.

      1. Cathy

        The first ones in my old garden flower early May just as my oriental poppies open. They clash horribly! 😉 The Festiva Maxima then comes a bit later but this year everything is a bit earlier than usual.

  3. tonytomeo

    ‘Immortality’ iris and ‘Festiva Maxima’ peony are RAD! . . . but, I grow neither. There are three white unnamed white iris out there, so there is no need to add another. (One might actually be ‘Immortality’.) Peonies do not do well enough here for me to grow wimpy ones.


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