Dogwoods For Easter Morning

Each year my father lined us up, my sisters and me, in front of the largest of the four dogwoods, each dogwood holding down a corner of our front yard.

In our new white dresses with crinolines underneath, ribboned Easter bonnets, soft cotton gloves, and patent leather shoes we four young girls faced the sunlight, squinted and smiled at the camera.

18 thoughts on “Dogwoods For Easter Morning

  1. theshrubqueen

    Happy Easter, Susie. I have similar memories though we were lined up in front of a white four rail fence in pastel dresses and patent leather shoes with lace trimmed white socks.

  2. Cathy

    What a beautiful blue sky as a background for the blossom. Would have loved to see a photo of you in your Easter frock with gloves! 😃 Hope you had a lovely Easter Sunday Susie.

  3. Kris Peterson

    Lovely trees, especially when viewed against the crystal blue sky. I was required to pose in a fancy “for-church” dress and gloves back in the day too – in fact, that’s where the avatar I use for my blog comes from.

  4. tonytomeo

    Dogwood is a very appropriate flower for Easter. The Cross that Jesus was crucified on was supposedly the last cross to be made of dogwood wood. The tree from which the wood was milled was the last dogwood tree to grow big enough to be milled into lumber. Since then, all dogwood trees have been small understory trees. Their flowers have four petals (bracts) like the Cross has four appendages, so no one forgets.


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