One More Hellebore

When I visited Pine Knot Farms several years ago searching for hellebores to add to the garden I hoped for intense rich color.

This is Helleborus ‘Winter Jewels Black Diamond’ which is taking a long time to bulk up. Three buds this year.

15 thoughts on “One More Hellebore

  1. Christina

    I’d love to have some Hellebores like these but the garden is too dry for them in summer. I have grown some H. fetudus from seed which may flower this year and I bought H. argutifolius which has a bud, so I’ll hopefully get some seed to grow more.

  2. Beth @ PlantPostings

    Yes, that is a beauty! I’m trying to stick with native plants as much as possible for future garden adds, but I definitely make an exception for Hellebores. I want to buy more. They are such fascinating plants and beautiful bloomers, and they barely expand from where I plant them.


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