Wordless Wednesday—Garden Sightings

Neoscona domiciliorum (spotted orbweaver or redfemured spotted orbweaver)

Another web from last week:

Spider Web 9-22-2019

Spider Web 9-22-2019

Junonia coenia (common buckeye)

Xylocopa virginica (eastern carpenter bee)



13 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday—Garden Sightings

  1. automatic gardener

    It is that time of year here too, lots of fuzzy bees and spiderwebs. I just removed a spider from across the driveway. I felt bad to remove such an amazing structure, but I have workers coming and it was going to happen anyway.

    1. pbmgarden Post author

      Your comment reminded me of another web I’d seen across our front walk last week. I added the photos. It does seem a shame to remove their webs but oh, wouldn’t want to walk into them.

  2. Annette

    Don’t think I ever saw such a huge web, wow! Lots of carpenter bees around here too, they especially love the Phlomis in our garden. Thanks for sharing your wildlife encounters x


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