In A Vase On Monday – Dahlia Still Life

In A Vase On Monday – Dahlia Still Life

Each Monday Cathy at Rambling In The Garden encourages us to share a vase highlighting what is growing in our gardens.

My Cafe Au Lait Dahlias seem distant cousins to the luscious creamy ones I’ve seen on other garden blogs for a few years. The description from the vendor suggests “lovely, cream and pale pink flowers” but these are not the dreamy ones I expected. Has anyone else seen this much variation or do I actually have a different dahlia? An imposter?

In A Vase On Monday – Dahlia Still Life

Dahlia ‘Cafe Au Lait’

I am enjoying the semi-cactus Dahlia ‘Tsuku Yori No Shisha’ although this one struggles a bit in my garden. It probably would like more water, which it may get if Hurricane Dorian arrives as expected this week.

Dahlia ‘Tsuku Yori No Shisha’

Canna ‘Semaphore’
Dahlia ‘Cafe Au Lait’
Dahlia ‘Tsuku Yori No Shisha’
Canna leaves
Porcelain Ikebana vase, Georgetown Pottery, Maine. Rectangle Blue Zen (6.75L x 3.75W x 2H inches); white glass globe.

Thanks to Cathy at Rambling In The Garden for hosting and giving us an opportunity to share flower designs across the world. Visit her to discover what she and others found to place In A Vase On Monday.

40 thoughts on “In A Vase On Monday – Dahlia Still Life

    1. pbmgarden Post author

      I should just be pleased with my first real attempt at growing dahlias that I have had a lot of blooms this summer. Dorian definitely has everyone’s attention here. Thanks Chris.

  1. Christina

    I don’t think it is Cafe au Lait, but whatever it is, it’s beautiful! I love the way you’ve arranged them, yet again you’ve made something look elegant when I don’t think if it in that way. Keep safe, I’ll be watching all the news to check where Dorian is. I do hope it passes you by. Wouldn’t it be great if it just hit Mar-a-Largo.

  2. Noelle

    A great way to show off perfect blooms…even though it is not Cafe au lait. Dahlias just keep on giving..and to my slugs too!!!!! Hope you get just rain and not anything more from the bad weather.

  3. Cathy

    Yes, the ‘real’ Cafe au Lait would not have as much pink as this, if at all, Susie – but this is still very pretty. There is a ‘Cafe au Lait Rose’ which sounds more likely although I haven’t seen a picture of this. What a gloriously elegant display you have created Susie, whatever its name, and ‘Tsuku Yori No Shisha’ is a striking dahlia too. Hope all turns out well weather wise…

    1. pbmgarden Post author

      Many thanks! Appreciate you suggesting ‘Cafe au Lait Rose’ Cathy. Just looked it up but this doesn’t seem to be that either. I’ll check with the vendor. The white dahlia hasn’t had a lot of blooms but I really like its form.

      1. Cathy

        I have a David Austin rose that isn’t what it should be, but they have replaced it with the ‘real’ one. They think the rogue one it is probably a sport – I wonder if your dahlia could be?

  4. Brian Skeys

    A stunning arrangement as always. I have been miss sold Dahlias, I sent a picture to the supplier who gave me a refund.
    ‘Cafe Au Lait’ that I have seen have been more creamy in colour.

  5. Kris P

    Your ‘Cafe’ may be an imposter or a mutant but I’ve found significant variability in some dahlia blooms. My own Dahlia ‘Labyrinth’ is dramatically lighter in color than most (although not all) of the photos I’ve seen of the cultivar on-line. My ‘Punkin Spice’, slow to get its bloom on this year, showed a lot of variability in bloom color on the same plant last year. Variations in temperature perhaps? Remembering Chloris’ report of all the variations she got from her seedlings, it may be the pollinators working in the grower’s fields also got up to some mischief. In any case, your lavender-flushed flowers look great against those impressive Canna leaves.

  6. theshrubqueen

    Lovely even if Cafe au Lait is Cafe au less, I love the Canna leaf in there, inspired addition. The Cactus variety looks a great deal like a Bromeliad I have in my garden. I am hoping Dorian goes out to sea and leaves all of us alone.

    1. pbmgarden Post author

      Yes! Cafe au less! The canna leaves are two weeks old. I cut them for an earlier project and didn’t need them so finally found a use for them this week. Stay safe.

  7. Chloris

    My Café au Lait is not as pink but they do seem to vary if you google images. I also have Café au Lait Rose which is disappointingly dark pink. I have the white cactus with the name I can never remember too. It is so striking. Dahlias are wonderful for arrangements.

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