Maybe Aster?

Thanks for your help with identifying this plant.  I was able to search back through my photos using your suggestions and I suppose it is this aster. For some reason last fall I had decided it was something else, but didn’t take recent pictures. This is from 2006 so I should know it well by now, but must have put up a mental block.

The past several years I have not stayed on top of the garden and this plant is running thoughout my irises and taking over, as I showed in the last post.  Guess I’ll start pulling it out again!

10 thoughts on “Maybe Aster?

  1. Cathy

    Glad the mystery has been solved! I fleetingly thought of aster, but since mine are only about an inch tall so far I immediately dismissed the idea! Nice to have such a pretty plant spreading, but I hope it won’t swamp out other plants.

    1. pbmgarden Post author

      Thanks Cathy. Unfortunately this plant is way too aggressive. It was just really planted in the wrong place. I was naive about its growth and spread habit.

  2. Kris P

    It’s pretty, if also exceptionally aggressive. I bought a Chilean aster that was said to spread “but not aggressively.” It’s turned out that my environment must be far more hospitable than that of the grower…

    Happy weeding!


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