In A Vase On Monday – Yellow Iris


In A Vase On Monday – Yellow Iris

Cathy at Rambling In The Garden invites us to share an arrangement every Monday using materials collected from our gardens.

A reblooming yellow iris appeared suddenly that I was eager to share. While awaiting Hurricane Florence earlier in the week, I prepared a vase for today by foraging foliage from several previous weeks’ vases and pulling in a freshly cut dahlia and a handful of zinnias.

In A Vase On Monday – Yellow Iris

In A Vase On Monday – Yellow Iris

There was not time to fuss with this one.  We are safe from the storm and feeling very grateful. Hope you dear readers in the affected areas fared well also.

Dahlia ‘Fireworks’
Zinnia ‘Cut and Come Again’ (Zinnia elegant pumila), Botanical Interests.
Artemisia ‘Powis Castle’ (Wormwood)
Porcelain Ikebana vase, Georgetown Pottery, Maine. Triangle Ikebana Blue Wave (6.5 W x 6.5 L x 2H inches)

In A Vase On Monday – Yellow Iris

Thanks to Cathy at Rambling In The Garden for hosting and giving us an opportunity to share flower designs across the world. Visit her to discover what she and others found to place In A Vase On Monday.

35 thoughts on “In A Vase On Monday – Yellow Iris

  1. Cathy

    Again that decadent canna! And what a joy to see such a pretty iris rebloom. So glad you and your garden escaped the worst of Florence. Have a good week!

    1. pbmgarden Post author

      The vase makes it so easy to put a quick arrangement together. It was a treat to see the iris because we had such a wet winter these yellow rebloomers didn’t bloom in spring.

  2. Noelle

    I don’t think I have ever seen a yellow iris…and doubt except through your blog whether I’ll ones as perfect as yours. Hope your garden doesn’t have too much damage from the storm.

  3. Linda from Each Little World

    Seeing your Iris makes me think I should give some thought to re-bloomers. It’s gorgeous and a nice pick me up at the moment. Glad to hear you made it through OK. After our 10 inches of rain overnight in August, I have been stunned at the amounts you are getting down there. Very frightening.

    1. pbmgarden Post author

      I too keep thinking I should add more rebloomers. The yellow feels more like a spring color. Many places are underwater and cut off. Although the winds were less than predicted the flooding part has lived up to the hype.

  4. Cathy

    Oh the leaf jumped out at me when I first viewed your vase, Susie – it really pulls everything together brilliantly, but without dominating. Such a joy to see your vases each week – thank you so much

    1. pbmgarden Post author

      Thanks Cathy. Huge solid leaves like that canna make a good backdrop. I’ll have to remember to look for things like this again. I always enjoy participating in your vase convention each Monday!

    1. pbmgarden Post author

      Hi Kris, there was a lot of flooding around us yesterday. Sections of downtown main street (Franklin Street) were underwater as was a shopping center. Many streets were closed off nearby but waters have receded on them today. Along the coast as well as the southeast NC county where I grew up are devastated for the second time–Hurricane Matthew had it underwater two years ago and it is again. UNC Chapel Hill resumed classes today.

  5. tonytomeo

    That is nice for a reblooming iris. I stick with the conventional cultivars that bloom only once. All my favorites are old classics. I see rebloomers about town, but the second bloom typically does not look as good as the first.


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