In A Vase On Monday – Gold Dust And Angelonia

In A Vase On Monday – Gold Dust And Angelonia

Cathy at Rambling In The Garden generously invites us to share an arrangement every Monday using materials collected from our gardens.

From the Zinnia Cut and Come Again collection I picked dozens of colorful blooms yesterday, but only one zinnia found its way toward the back of today’s design, a rare white one.

Zinnia Cut and Come Again (Zinnia elegant pumila)

Having planned to focus on foliage this week I collected a large piece of Gold Dust Aucuba and an arching stem of Sarcococca.

For color there are Angelonia and everlasting sweet pea.

Angelonia angustifolia ‘PAC – Angelos Bicolor’

Lathyrus latifolius (Perennial Sweet Pea)

Angelonia angustifolia ‘PAC – Angelos Bicolor’
Angelonia angustifolia ‘Purple’ (Summer Snapdragon)
Angelonia angustifolia ‘White’ (Summer Snapdragon)
Lathyrus latifolius (Perennial Sweet Pea)
Zinnia Cut and Come Again (Zinnia elegant pumila)
Aucuba japonica ‘Variegata’ (Gold Dust Aucuba)
Sarcococca ruscifolia (Fragrant Sweet Box)
Porcelain Ikebana vase, Georgetown Pottery, Maine. Triangle Black Wave (6.5 W x 6.5 L x 2H)

In A Vase On Monday – Gold Dust And Angelonia

Hope your late summer garden is bringing you joy.

Thanks to Cathy at Rambling In The Garden for hosting and giving us an opportunity to share flower designs across the world. Visit her to discover what she and others found to place In A Vase On Monday.

29 thoughts on “In A Vase On Monday – Gold Dust And Angelonia

  1. Christina

    Susie, your arrangement today is simply gorgeous. I love how you’ve used the foliage, I would have expected the Acuba to be too heavy (I’ve never managed to make it work). But it fits perfectly with the much airier blooms.

  2. pbmgarden Post author

    Thanks. With more time I’d probably have removed a leaf or two from the Aucuba. It feels a bit heavy. Had planned to have only a dot of color among the green foliage but couldn’t stop adding flowers!

  3. Cathy

    The colours of the angelonia are delightful and the three shades are brilliant together. And what an asset sarcococca is for its bright foliage – I completely forget to use it outside the wonter season, and the aucuba too for that matter. The curl of sweet pea is a nice touch too – thanks for sharing it all

  4. Peter Herpst

    I love it! Beautiful purples and whites. The unexpected magenta zing of the sweep pea makes the arrangement sing!

  5. Kris P

    Lovely as always! Is there a secret to growing Angelonia as successfully as you do? Mine are never nearly as impressive (as you may guess from the fact that I’ve seldom featured them in an arrangement).

    1. pbmgarden Post author

      Thanks Beth. Angelonia is such a good worker outdoors. It’s a little tricky to use in vases but nice for variety from my zinnias! Take care.


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