Crocuses And A Spring-like Day

Crocus Species (Snow Crocus Mixture)

Taking a break from some weeding in the garden. Every square inch needs attention but it is great to be back outdoors again.

75° Fahrenheit.  Sunny. With cheery birds for company, a gentle breeze is making the chimes sing.

Crocus Species (Snow Crocus Mixture)

These crocuses were planted in Fall 2016, but I was not able to spend much time in the garden last year, so I do not remember them blooming in 2017—probably. At any rate they are brightening my week.

Columbine is coming up underneath. Since the garden was begun in 2001, it has spread itself all around.

Crocus Species (Snow Crocus Mixture)

Aquilegia canadensis (Eastern red columbine)
Crocus Species (Snow Crocus Mixture)

31 thoughts on “Crocuses And A Spring-like Day

  1. Kris P

    I love crocuses and yours are exceptionally pretty. I planted some of these bulbs when we first moved to our current place 7 years ago. Unfortunately, this isn’t a crocus-friendly climate. I received a couple of dozen this past fall as a gift with purchase and half a dozen have actually bloomed, so short and tiny that I almost missed them. I don’t imagine they’ll be paying a return visit next year, though.

    1. pbmgarden Post author

      It’s been gray here a lot also Christina and wet (almost out of drought again!) so a sunny day we time to get out in the garden was especially nice. Hope you have some nice warm sun soon.

  2. Chloris

    It’s always a joy when the sun comes out and the crocuses open up. We had a sunny day today and there they were, reminding us that spring is round the corner.


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