In A Vase On Monday – Rearrangement In Salmon and Pink

In A Vase On Monday – Rearrangement In Salmon and Pink

Each Monday Cathy at Rambling In The Garden invites us to share an arrangement using materials collected from our gardens.

In A Vase On Monday – Rearrangement In Salmon and Pink

As winter continues to be well, winter, plants that normally are blooming by now remain tightly closed buds. For this Monday’s vase I repurposed flowers from the last two arrangements, both arrangements had held up nicely.

The hot pink cyclamen from last week continues to look perky.

Cyclamen persicum (Persian cyclamen)

The salmony moth orchid from two weeks ago lost one of its blooms but lasted better than expected as a cut flower.

Phalaenopsis (moth orchid)

Daphne looks worse for the wear after the extreme cold this winter and several snows.  Most of the leaves are browned and damaged. Buds display pink color but not even a random one has opened yet. But to use for foliage today I managed to pick a branch from a few that sit beneath the eave of the house. Just a few inches difference in position means it has been moderately protected from the elements.

Daphne odora (Winter daphne)

A few pieces of Lamb’s Ear drape near the opening of the container.

In A Vase On Monday – Rearrangement In Salmon and Pink

Again this week I have chosen an Ikebana vase to showcase the design. Its integrated floral pin or frog make positioning the materials quick and secure.

In A Vase On Monday – Rearrangement In Salmon and Pink


Cyclamen persicum (Persian cyclamen)
Phalaenopsis (moth orchid)
Daphne odora (Winter daphne)
Stachys byzantina (Lamb’s Ear)
Porcelain Ikebana vase, Georgetown Pottery, Maine. Rectangle Blue Zen (6.75L x 3.75W x 2H inches)

Thanks to Cathy at Rambling In The Garden for hosting and giving us an opportunity to share flower designs across the world. Visit her to discover what she and others found to place In A Vase On Monday.

31 thoughts on “In A Vase On Monday – Rearrangement In Salmon and Pink

    1. pbmgarden Post author

      Yes, it will come and I should be straightening up the garden now! So nice to hear from you. Have been wondering how you’re doing. I am regretting I couldn’t commit to attend your conference this year.

  1. Linda from Each Little World

    You are one of the few people who participate in IVOM who uses an Ikebana vase and I think it is such a great container. You don’t need much to fill it and every flower and leaf gets attention. I am a big believer in recycling, removing and adding to bouquets as time goes by. So I like today’s offering on all those counts.

  2. Cathy

    What a great recycling of previous material, Susie – all the elements work perfectly together and the end result is well balanced. Lovely!

  3. Kris P

    Another artistic creation worthy of admiration, Susie! I’ve found that orchids are very good vase material. Like Leucadendrons, they can hang on for weeks.

  4. tonytomeo

    Ooh, that is a weird one. Cyclamen with a moth orchid! I have not done the ‘In a Vase on Monday’ yet because I do not grow enough flowers, but mostly because I would not know what to do with them if I had them.

      1. tonytomeo

        Although I do not grow many flowers, I work with many. When I go back to production, I grow rhododendrons. I used to take flowers from the stock plants. (We removed flowers from certain stock plants to promote more vegetative growth for cuttings.)

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