Almost Wordless Wednesday—Davie Poplar

Davie Poplar After Fire Damage

On November 2, 2017 a former student set fire to a UNC Chapel Hill campus landmark, the Davie Poplar in McCorkle Place. The 300-375 year old tulip poplar was named in honor of Revolutionary War general and university founder William Richardson Davie. The tree was burned at the base.

I am no longer on campus often but on December 3, a month after the fire, a friend and I saw the damage first hand.  We passed by Davie Poplar on way to Franklin Street for lunch before seeing the Playmaker production, Dot.

Scorched Davie Poplar After Fire

**Note: I read the damage is superficial and the tree is expected to be ok, but it will be more clear in Spring. Reports indicate the perpetrator is receiving help.

23 thoughts on “Almost Wordless Wednesday—Davie Poplar

    1. pbmgarden Post author

      It has of course been examined and will be carefully monitored. I read the damage is superficial and the tree is expected to be ok, but it will be more clear in Spring.

  1. FlowerAlley

    This is a living thing, not a stone monument. The damage did not look severe in the photo. I hope the tree recovers. The student needs some help on expressing angst. Poor tree.

  2. Beth @ PlantPostings

    Oh dear, I think I heard about this on the news–or maybe it was a similar incident here or somewhere else. I’m glad the tree will probably be OK, and that the perpetrator is getting psychological help.

  3. P&B

    That is sad and makes me mad. I could never understand what motivates a person to hurt anything that cannot defend itself and is doing no harm, let alone a 300 year old tree. Its has weathered through and witnessed so much more on this planet than the perpetrator’s entire family ancestry here has. It’s way past due time we stop teaching kids to hit when they don’t get what they want when they want it. I’m sure the tree will survive and out live the sicko.


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