In A Vase On Monday—December Sugar Rush

In A Vase On Monday—December Sugar Rush

In A Vase On Monday—December Sugar Rush

As the week begins I join Cathy with In A Vase On Monday, an opportunity to share an arrangement using materials collected from the garden.

At my favorite local garden center I purchased some snapdragons at a marked down price last week, but a cold snap has kept me from getting them planted in the meditation circle. Also I picked up several wallflowers, a fall-blooming type that may not survive, but for now the plants are blooming in my garage where I placed them for protection (the temperatures fell to the low 20s F° this week).

This one was identified as Erysimum ‘Sugar Rush Red.’

Erysimum 'Sugar Rush Red'

Erysimum ‘Sugar Rush Red’

There also is a gold one, not included today, and a purple one which is. From what I read online Erysimum ‘Sugar Rush’ is specially bred so it can bloom in autumn without a preceding cold period and not just spring. These plants will probably be very confused as mild weather back into the 60s returns this week. Perhaps I can get them planted. Meanwhile they are useful for a Monday vase.

Erysimum 'Sugar Rush Purple'

Erysimum ‘Sugar Rush Purple’

For today’s arrangement I placed 3 pots of Erysimum into a shallow ceramic bowl and tucked bits of lichen around the base of the plants.

In A Vase On Monday—December Sugar Rush

In A Vase On Monday—December Sugar Rush

The lichen was a great find from the sharing table at last month’s garden club meeting. I never found out who brought it but when at the end of the meeting no one had claimed it, I could not resist taking it, along with some dried hydrangeas. I thought I would use some of the hydrangeas today but they were not needed after all.

Erysimum ‘Sugar Rush Red’ and ‘Sugar Rush Purple’

In A Vase On Monday—December Sugar Rush

In A Vase On Monday—December Sugar Rush


Thanks to Cathy for hosting and giving us a chance to express our flower arranging passion. Visit her at Rambling In The Garden to discover what she and others are placing In A Vase On Monday.


33 thoughts on “In A Vase On Monday—December Sugar Rush

    1. pbmgarden Post author

      Thanks Linda. I tried wallflowers a long time ago without success. Was pleased to find them this time of year. Even if they last only a short time, I will have enjoyed them.

  1. Cathy

    I love wallflowers but have never had success growing them – that red one is particularly nice. A lovely seasonal combination of red and green – I love both lichen and moss, and bringing them indoors is a great idea!

  2. Cathy

    Oh how intriguing – I have grown both these wallflowers from seed this year although they were sown and planted out very late. The red one looks redder in the catalogue than your ‘real’ one does which is why I bought it! The effect of them in the bowl with the lichen and branch looks really stylish – thanks so much for sharing the idea, Susie

    1. pbmgarden Post author

      Cathy, growing from seeds can really be an advantage but I seldom get around to it. Good luck with your wallflowers. Will be fun to see how red your red ones are!

  3. Kris Peterson

    It’s a very effective arrangement, Susie. It looks like something one has magically happened upon on a walk through the woods. I’ll have to see if that Erysimum is available here.

  4. theshrubqueen

    I really love the lichens and used to grow Snaps that color when gardening further north. Liberty series, I think. Be interesting to see how those work out. Mine usually got burned, but the years they didn’t it was spectacular and I always enjoyed the challenge.

    1. pbmgarden Post author

      Thanks. Last couple of years I’ve used snapdragons and violas in the meditation circle. They hang out during winter and then take off in early spring.

  5. Cath

    What a lovely bowl of flowers and lichen, I imagine it would make a beautiful and scented centrepiece on a table. I wonder if these erisimimums would grow to a shrub like the Bowles Mauve? I haven’t seen them here yet.


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