Strolling Coker Arboretum

My husband and I enjoyed a leisurely walk through Coker Arboretum on the UNC Chapel Hill campus this afternoon. It has been a long while since our last visit and the garden, now a part of the North Carolina Botanical Garden, looked beautifully maintained.

I will try to post some more Coker view later in the week. I planned to share lots of photographs, but got side-tracked this evening testing out Mesh, a photo-sharing application. It is available for iPhone, but I just used it from my laptop. I am curious what you think.

Navigate using the arrows at the center edges of the image or the row of dots at the bottom. Click elsewhere on the image to toggle the caption.

19 thoughts on “Strolling Coker Arboretum

  1. beverlydyer

    Thank you for sharing. I should take a look at that app. And I should visit Coker. I’m working on pen and ink drawings for my launch of Art Prescription Deck: A Dose of Coloring Inspiration (working title). The first deck is Wildflower Dream and will be a set of 12 cards to color, journal with, send as a gift or postcard.

  2. johnvic8

    Thanks for sharing, Susie. When I was a NCBG tour guide, we were occasionally asked to work at Coker. You have brought back some nice memories. Also, a good job with Mesh; i’m still learning.

    1. pbmgarden Post author

      Coker is a real treasure isn’t it John? It really has had some good work done to it and looked beautiful yesterday. I noticed Mesh on yours and several others’ blogs last week or so and thought I’d check it out. It’s easy to use, but not sure I will need it.

  3. rickii

    This reminds me of the way we scroll through photos on Facebook or in Photos on the imac. I find the type on the photos distracting…prefer captions under a photo when the photo is the main attraction.

    1. pbmgarden Post author

      Same here Rickii. If you click on the image it turns off the caption, much less distracting to view but then you have to click again if you want to see the label.

    1. pbmgarden Post author

      Donna, it was a perfect day yesterday for visiting that garden. Today the humidity was back and the air, vey thick. You can use your browser for this if you care to try it out.

  4. Christina

    This app would have been useful when I posted lots of images for bloom day, but Flckr was better I think but that didn’t work for iPhone or iPad when viewing. Some images took a while to load so I prefer just seeing the images in the post in the same way, which also means you can scroll back to a particular image more easily. You captured the butterfly beautifully.

    1. pbmgarden Post author

      Thanks for the feedback Christina. I was curious about the load time. Usually I reduce the image size of photos before posting but I didn’t when posting these photos through Mesh. I should look into Flckr again, but like you, I like just having the images in context in the post.

      1. Christina

        I’m not entirely sure what the advantage is with mesh. I like to add the images then add more info underneath which you can’t do with this. But it is good to try new things so I’ll try when I have some time.

  5. Chloris

    On gosh, how clever of you. It looks so professional. It is useful to have the names but it does rather spoil the lovely photos. Like those of people who stamp their names on their photos to stop people stealing them.


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