American Robin’s Egg

American Robin's Egg

American Robin’s Egg

I noticed this poor little egg of an American Robin lying upon the ground this morning, its misdirection unexplainable.

22 thoughts on “American Robin’s Egg

  1. Cathy

    What a shame. I bet something robbed it from the nest and then lost it. We get magpies and jays stealing eggs in our garden (not to mention the squirrels and martens!). The blackbirds get so upset and chirp for hours on end, but that’s the way life goes out in the wild!

  2. Julie

    What a beautiful colour that egg is – I did not know Robin’s eggs were so pretty. I hope that the mother has a few more in the nest.

  3. kate

    What an extraordinary colour that egg is – this side of the pond our robins (the ones with the red breasts on Christmas cards, one of whom is currently shouting threats at other birds from my bird feeder) lay fawn eggs. But how sad…


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