Garden Club Flowers In A Mug

Flowers In A Mug

Although I have already posted pictures of flowers in a vase today here is another arrangement.

My garden club meets tomorrow morning and each member has been asked to bring in a mug of flowers to set up on a table for a cheerful spring display.

With this in mind, on Sunday I purchased some purple and white stock and some white roses tinted with the barest apricot hue.

Flowers In A Mug-7

The flowers were not in pristine condition, especially the roses, but I used them anyway tonight to create a round design in a heavy, lime green soup mug.

I filled out the arrangement with stems of Japanese holly, branches of spiraea and a few sprigs of lavender.


Flowers In A Mug-2 Flowers In A Mug-3 Flowers In A Mug-5

In thinking about how the design turned out I would change several things. I would increase the number of roses and reduce the stems of stock. Perhaps I will like it better when the stock finishes opening.

Flowers In A Mug-6

I used the Japanese holly stems around the base of the mug to hide the florist’s foam and it seems very dark and dense. Next time I might opt for lavender or something else that is lighter.

I also cut the roses too short and should have adjusted the other material accordingly. In fact, lowering the arrangement by several inches might improve the overall proportions, but overall I am please with the balance.

The white stock is especially pretty, more fully open and fresher than the purple one.
Flowers In A Mug-8

Flowers In A Mug-9

Flowers In A Mug-10

This was a fun design to create and it is always a good learning experience to work with different materials. It will be fun to see the other members’ mugs. The spring garden table will be overflowing with flowers at tomorrow’s meeting.

25 thoughts on “Garden Club Flowers In A Mug

    1. pbmgarden Post author

      Julie, your comment points out fragrance is such an important aspect of the flowers we grow. But these flowers, purchased at a discount market, have lost that important characteristic.

      1. Julie

        Thats a shame, I wonder what happens with the stocks and other flowers in storage, maybe the chilled temperatures reduce the scent. I had not considered this before.

      2. pbmgarden Post author

        Well Julie. I put the flowers in the car a half hour before leaving for the meeting this morning and when I went out to go the car smelled wonderful. So the stock did have a nice scent in that contained environment. Funny I hadn’t caught a whiff before.

    1. pbmgarden Post author

      Hi Annette, maybe I’ll try to grow some stock too. These in the arrangement have no scent at all and I want to know what they should smell like! Susie

    1. pbmgarden Post author

      Thanks Cathy. Asking us club members to share a mug of flowers is less intimidating than asking us to bring in an arrangement. It was fun to do a formal one, but a few daffodils in a mug would have been fine too if I hadn’t had the time to work on this.

  1. garden98110

    These really are stunning. All the more so, because your flowers are presented to speak best to their intended audience. This is harmony. Gardens grow everywhere in the shadow of things that are well arranged.


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