Christmas Cactus

Christmas Cactus (in front of a Jade plant)

I confess I have only just learned Christmas cactus belong to the genus Schlumbergera, but this is a plant I have known all my life.

Ubiquitous in the home of every relative and friend I knew as a child, a Christmas cactus was one of those plants easily shared and easily tended and thus passed-along and treasured as an heirloom.

This one, full of timely blooms, is commanding attention.  It was a gift several years ago from former neighbors, who across the miles continue to be special friends. Being able to associate my plants with people is one of the pleasures of gardening.

Christmas Cactus

Christmas Cactus

24 thoughts on “Schlumbergera

  1. Cathy

    Beautiful photos of this intricate flower! I have seen some lovely examples, but have never owned one. I’m not terribly successful with houseplants, so probably just as well!

  2. P&B

    Lovely color! I agree that plants are a great reminder of friendship and the memory of incidents that brought them about. It’s fun being able to tell friends and neighbors how certain plants came to exist in our home. Many of them have their own, sometimes oddball history.

  3. Charlie@Seattle Trekker

    I purchased a Christmas Cactus today that was starting to bloom and potted it in a pitcher that I bought at a vintage store. The flowers are not quite here yet, if it looks even partially as beautiful as your picture it will be a success.

      1. fredgonsowskigardenhome

        Pbmgarden, as nice as the poinsettia looks during the Christmas period, I get sick of the seasonal red colored ones really fast. (Right now I have two reds and a white at the bottom of a Norfolk Island Pine in my TV room, they were gifts). For some reason I can take a white or pink one longer, but no matter the color, even if it is still in good shape (probably around March) out it goes, enough is enough with that seasonal plant.

  4. fredgonsowskigardenhome

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year pbmgarden. I too have a plant that brings on memories, it is a Norfolk Island Pine that was given to my sister, at the time of my Father’s death eighteen years ago. She kept it for a while, but knew I would take care of it better. On and off over the years it has served as a extra Christmas tree in one of the rooms, and i think of the lady named Valerie who gave it to her.

    1. pbmgarden Post author

      Thanks Fred. It’s nice you still have that Norfolk Island Pine. (I wanted one for years but never managed it for some reason.) Plants are happy ways to keep those memories. Susie

  5. bittster

    Beautiful pictures and I like how your plant has those memories associated with it. I’ve been eyeing Christmas cactus lately, it used to be just a ‘mom’ plant, but maybe it’s time I snuck a cutting of my own. I’ll wait till she’s distracted with Christmas dinner! 🙂


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