Fragrant Camellia

I noticed on Sunday the Camellia sasanqua on the north side of the house is blooming. Its name is lost, but I like it for the soft color and and gentle fragrance. The best way to describe its scent eludes me, but it is refreshing and clean.  [Note: November 21, 2013-Thanks to Christina H. in Raleigh who identified the pink and white Camellia as ‘Hana-Jiman.’]

Camellia sasanqua in northern border

Camellia sasanqua in northern border

Camellia sasanqua in northern border

Camellia sasanqua in northern border

19 thoughts on “Fragrant Camellia

  1. Annette

    Of all Camellias the C. sansanqua is my favourite, Suzie. It’s adorable and not so over-bred as many others. Maybe one day it’ll find a place in my garden too…

    1. pbmgarden Post author

      Perhaps you’ll find the perfect little (or big–some can grow quite large) spot for one Annette. I’m thinking about adding another (white this time).

  2. Patrick

    I haven’t grown camellias since I was a teenager back in Sydney. Now half way around the world, they are trailing this species at a Zone 6A garden in Kansas City. Assuming in micro-climates, but wouldn’t it be grand to see some after over 20 years? Nice blog you have here.

  3. Christina H.

    Ha! I just read your “about” page and realized that you live in my neck of the woods! I work at the best nursery in Raleigh so maybe we’ve even met before. What a small world. Incidentally I was looking for more information on Autumn Moon Camellia and just happened to be lead here.


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