Enjoying The Garden

Today was perfectly beautiful, with low humidity, light breezes and temperatures this afternoon in the high 60s. The light was glaring when I visited the garden today at mid-day, but the deep coloring in this Siberian Iris is strong enough to stand up to the sunlight. Last year this Iris barely bloomed at all but conditions have been good this year for all the irises.

Iris sibirica (Siberian Iris)

Iris sibirica (Siberian Iris)

The garden is richly satisfying at present, with many plants poised to take over as the Irises fade, including Peony, Echinacea, and Penstemon. The Iris show is not quite done though. I added a new deep purple Iris last fall called Iris germanica ‘Davy Jones’ (Tall bearded iris). It is a late-flowering variety and indeed has not flowered yet, but may need to be rescued from the shadows of nearby Monarda which is beginning to tower over it.

Yesterday I observed the last of my pass-along Irises is in bloom. This one looks pale, almost gray from afar, but up close it displays complex color and variation.

Today I especially enjoyed this expanse of Nepeta in the northern border. This view is looking toward the meditation circle.

Garden View With Nepeta 'Walker's Low' (Catmint)

Garden View With Nepeta ‘Walker’s Low’ (Catmint)

6 thoughts on “Enjoying The Garden

  1. Cathy

    These late spring days are a real pleasure in the garden, and your irises and nepeta are so lovely Susie. Thanks for sharing!

    1. pbmgarden Post author

      I agree Cathy–this spring has been long and slow and that’s given time to enjoy and savor the spring flowers. Thanks for stopping by! Susie

    1. pbmgarden Post author

      Thanks Donna. I believe the iris season here has been the best I’ve ever seen and hope yours will soon open so you can enjoy. It was 40F last night here, surprisingly cool. Appreciate your comments. Susie


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