Several Sunday Blooms

Gradually the garden is coming into its own. The beds show less mulch and more green plant material. Near a group of Iris blooms Phlox divaricata (Eastern Blue Phlox), a North Carolina native plant.

Phlox divaricata (Eastern Blue Phlox)

Phlox divaricata (Eastern Blue Phlox)

The Jackmanii Clematis is very close to opening its first flower of the year. The vine looks healthy and strong, but needs a taller trellis to help it make its upward climb.

Clematis 'Jackmanii'

Clematis ‘Jackmanii’

A large stand of yellow Bearded Iris began blooming this past week. These were pass-alongs from a neighbor about thirty-five years ago. This group is nearly always the first of the bearded irises to flower.

German Bearded Iris

German Bearded Iris


German Bearded Iris

German Bearded Iris

14 thoughts on “Several Sunday Blooms

    1. pbmgarden Post author

      These irises like to be first blooming every year. The color used to clash with some other plants so I moved them off by themselves where they take on more importance.

  1. Christina

    What a lovely shade of yellow, I bought some yellow irises last year I hope they are as good a colour as yours. Some of my irises opened last week too, I was surprised they were so early. Christina

  2. Alberto

    A friend of mine made me notice how plants received from other people (rather than bought) are usually the toughest and the most reliable cultivars. Maybe this is the reason why people is more keen to give them away but I like thinking it’s because they have an history to tell, rather than a price label on them.

  3. pbmgarden Post author

    Alberto, the pass-alongs I’ve received are usually pretty sturdy, but indeed, the history is important to me. When I’m working in the garden I love seeing these plants and making the connections with the different people who’ve become part of my garden over the years.


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