Raspberry Blush Iris

Wednesday was too busy to do much gardening, although the garden is where I would like to be these days. In the morning there was just a tiny tip of color on the Iris ger. ‘Raspberry Blush.’ By evening when there was time to take a break, I discovered iris season is underway.

Iris ger. 'Raspberry Blush'

Iris ger. ‘Raspberry Blush’

Iris ger. 'Raspberry Blush'

Iris ger. ‘Raspberry Blush’

20 thoughts on “Raspberry Blush Iris

  1. missinghenrymitchell

    It is indeed iris season! My first ones started blooming this week as well. I have a number of pass-along ones that are blooming for the first time in my garden, so while I have no idea of the cultivar names, each day I receive a new surprise when these new buds finally unfurl and I see the blossoms for the first time. I have a dwarf bearded that is blue and yellow, a very tall purple-blue on wiry stems, a really fat violet-purple that is about to unfurl, and my beloved white ones are about to burst open. What delight.

    1. pbmgarden Post author

      Sadly, no it does not rebloom. I have a ‘Batik’ German Iris that does. Next time I purchase iris I also will look for reblooming ones.


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