Marking The Garden

Last week fellow blogger Debbie at A Garden of Possibilities mentioned Adirondack Stone Works, a company that makes custom bluestone garden markers. I had wanted something like this for a while so I went ahead and ordered, second-guessing myself all the while at the indulgence. The marker was delivered today, just six days later, and it met my every expectation.  I have tried it in a few places around the garden, but so far like it best in the Southern path, near the gate that leads into the main garden.

The garden marker is made of stone quarried in Southern New York State and hand-shaped. The engraving captures the theme of why I garden: Sense of place, purpose, rejuvenation and joy.  I use this phrase as a tagline for this blog also. Although I chose to omit “rejuvenation” so as to simplify the wording, I know I will feel rejuvenated whenever I pass by this reminder engraved in stone.

pbmGarden Stone Marker

pbmGarden Stone Marker

pbmgarden marker

18 thoughts on “Marking The Garden

  1. Charlie@Seattle Trekker

    I grew up in a world where anything other than eating was an extravagance. Over the past several years I have gone through some things to convince me that life is short and it is about making yourself and others happy. I still have conflicts in this regard, buying things, but the garden marker is a definite yes. It looks quite lovely.

    1. pbmgarden Post author

      Thanks. Really appreciate your thoughtful perspective Charlie. You captured my reservations about buying such a thing and why I’m glad I did. Have a great day!

    1. pbmgarden Post author

      Appreciate that Cathy! The words do fit the experience I have had with gardens. Cares seems to evaporate and this will be a tangible reminder to let those worries go.

  2. bittster

    Congratulations, that is so nice and will be with you for decades. You almost want to build something around for a display instead of laying it on the ground!
    I’m going to have to avoid the website you linked to…..

  3. pbmgarden Post author

    Haven’t quite figured out the best placement for the stone so I’m letting it visit different areas of the garden. Thank you for stopping by.


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