November Time and Roses

Yellow rose at Morehead Planetarium rose garden

During a walk on the UNC campus yesterday we spent a few minutes in the rose garden at Morehead Planetarium and Science Center to enjoy some lovely and fragrant blooms. I have only a couple of roses in my own garden, so this rose garden, a well-known attraction in the area, is a great place to stop to see lovingly tended and perfectly formed flowers. I was not sure how the roses would look at this time of the year, but the garden always looks spectacular in time for graduation in May.

The roses are planted around a 36-foot diameter sundial with a 24-foot long (and 20-foot high) gnomon that casts the shadow for telling time. Around one edge of the bronze and marble sundial are the words, It is always morning somewhere in the world, while the other side reads Today is yesterday’s tomorrow.

Sundial at Morehead Planetarium

The roses were nice, but must remain nameless. Unfortunately I did not find labels to identify the varieties. (Click below for a gallery of larger images.)

5 thoughts on “November Time and Roses

    1. pbmgarden Post author

      Thanks. The weather that Friday was just perfect for getting outside. I’m glad we decided to take our walk on campus.

      [The line frame is the default way this WordPress theme, twenty-twelve, displays the pictures when you insert a gallery. It doesn’t take up a lot of room of the page but the reader can still click on one of the images to get a larger view.]


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