A Round Table Design

Today I attended the first of four flower arranging workshops sponsored by the local garden club. What a fun, if humbling, time.

The style for this initial class was a classic design, a round table arrangement. The instructor gave a concise and clear introduction to the design elements, color and texture, and to the design principles, balance and rhythm, as they relate to flower arranging.

Next she demonstrated how to establish the circular shape using outline foliage, then continued stepping through each stage, describing each component we would use in the design. Soon it was our turn and the rest of the two hours passed all too quickly. I was one of the last students to leave. I wish there had been a little more time to reflect and analyze as I went along but I will practice this style again (and again) to work through the techniques. The next class is not until after the new year, but I am already looking forward to it.

Fresh materials used in this floral arrangement are:

Outline foliage: Ruscus
Concealer leaves: Galax
Outline flowers: Safflower and spray Chrysanthemum
Round focal flowers: Chrysanthemum
Filler flowers and foliage: Hypericum and Seeded Eucalyptus

10 thoughts on “A Round Table Design

  1. Cathy

    That is so lovely Susie! It’s a beautiful shape with a little height at the centre. I hope you’ll show some more of your arrangements soon. 😀

    1. pbmgarden Post author

      Thanks. With holidays starting soon there will be chances to practice more flower arranging. Photographing the arrangement was a challenge, so will have to work on that too.


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