White Ginger Lily Inflorescence

I had just a moment this afternoon to admire the first blossoms of Hedychium coronarium (Ginger lily) before a heavy downpour sent me running inside.

First flowers of Hedychium coronarium (Ginger lily)

Each day until frost several flowers should emerge and open with a sweet perfume evocative of gardenia.

Newly opened and  emerging flowers of Hedychium coronarium (Ginger lily)

This is sometimes called Butterfly Lily for its resemblance to white butterflies or Garland flower because individual flowers are collected and used to create garlands.

Hedychium coronarium (Ginger lily)

Hedychium coronarium (Ginger lily) bud

10 thoughts on “White Ginger Lily Inflorescence

  1. P&B

    I really love this flower and miss it so much. My parents grew a whole bunch of them in their garden and I still remember their scent. I bought one, orange color with white stripes on the leaves, a few years ago but it has never bloomed. It’s been growing nicely both inside and outside the house, but refuses to bloom. I just keep it for the pretty leaves.

    1. pbmgarden Post author

      The orange one sounds gorgeous. Hope you get a lovely surprise bloom one day! But even it not, you’re wise to keep it around anyway for the leaves and simply for the memories you have of it.


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