Sisters’ Garden

I visited my sisters’ new home this weekend where Crape Myrtles and roses are in bloom, offering a cheerful greeting to visitors. Their front yard is filled with mature plantings of camellias, azaleas that will burst with color in spring.

Stone, brick and gravel paths connect lovely front, sides and back gardens. The back of the property is bounded with vine-covered fencing, pines and hardwoods, enclosing the large space with privacy and intimacy.

The back yard is lushly planted with groupings of hydrangea, ivy, ferns, clematises, azaleas—even palm trees. In spring it will be full of brightly colored blooms, but at this time of year, greens dominate. The effect is cooling, calming and peaceful.

Birds and butterflies are everywhere in this pretty garden setting and fireflies light up the evening.

14 thoughts on “Sisters’ Garden

  1. Cathy

    That is very calming with all that lush greenery. I imagine it’s perfect on a hot summer’s day! Nice to see a different style of garden.

    1. pbmgarden Post author

      I’m so glad Christina. It truly does feel cooler. (Their garden demonstrates use of foliage and texture pretty well too–think I’ll have to study it more.)


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