Everlasting Pea

In the southern border this week Lathyrus latifolius (Everlasting Sweet Pea) is reblooming.

Normally, this Sweet Pea would have died back by this time of year, but instead it has lush green foliage and many cluster of pink, presumably stimulated by this summer’s odd heat and rain patterns.

In its current sunny garden location this Sweet Pea vine has higher aspirations for climbing than its trellis can support, so for now it is forced to sprawl among its neighbor, Salvia uliginosa ‘Blue Sky’ (Bog sage).

This perennial came from my previous (and shady) garden eleven years ago, one of many pass-along plants from a dear relative.

Though not fragrant, the pink blossoms hold a certain old-fashioned charm.

‘Blue Sky’ Salvia and Everlasting sweet pea

7 thoughts on “Everlasting Pea

  1. paulinemulligan

    Lovely surprise when plants start flowering again, must have a look at mine, it flowered earlier in the year, but has now been smothered by a clematis!


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