Daylily And A Birthday

Daylilies have been blooming all over town this week and this morning I was delighted to see one of my Mercer daylilies has opened. The actual name of this hybrid is, for all practical purposes, lost (although the plant tag is surely stored somewhere safe, awaiting the transfer of all pertinent information, including the name, into my garden records). Update June 4, 2012: This was dug up from a field after I selected it so there probably never was a tag after all.

This daylily was bought in 2006 at Roger Mercers’ Garden in Fayetteville, NC. That year my sister, my daughter and I spent a fun morning exploring Roger’s daylily fields. We each came home with a variety of specimens, having had to make agonizing choices from among many enticing daylily offerings.

During the past year, first my daughter and just recently my sister have relocated to new cities, leaving behind their daylily selections from that day. But this garden, established in 2001, turned eleven years old today! If the picket fence added last year to this garden continues to keep the deer at bay, the Mercer daylilies will continue to bloom here as a nice reminder of a special day we three shared together.

Happy Birthday little garden!

8 thoughts on “Daylily And A Birthday

    1. pbmgarden Post author

      Thanks very much for your comment and also for using the genus name, Hemerocallis. I had been meaning to look that up and finally did after seeing you use it.


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