Early May Garden Views and Notes – Part 3

Record keeping: Last in a 3-part series of notes about what is planted and what is blooming currently in the garden.

Yesterday I focused on long views of the garden borders to document what is planted in each section.  But yesterday morning there also were fresh new blossoms that can be best appreciated by examining them close up.


7 thoughts on “Early May Garden Views and Notes – Part 3

  1. Christina

    These are all beautiful, I need to understand you grwoing conditions more, I don’t have any experience of hot and humid! Although many of your plants above I can grow successfully in hot and dry conditions. Christina

    1. pbmgarden Post author

      Thanks! I’m enjoying learning about your climate from reading your blog.

      I’m still learning about what plants will work best. I try to choose plants that don’t need watering (or pampering at all) after getting established and this group above fit that requirement. We have four distinct seasons here. Our summers are hot and humid, but the humidity doesn’t mean there is rain necessarily. If you go outside you’ll feel sticky and damp in no time, the air can seem thick, you long for rain. Rain is a relief, but afterwards it may seem just as hot and sticky. I’ve always lived here in N.C. and am just used to it. Summer is great but I do not garden much in summer.


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