Black Iris

This iris in bud is nearly black, but once opened displays a very deep purple-black. The actual color on the open flower is distinctly darker than photographs captured in today’s early morning light.

This iris is a pass-along plant. It is blooming this year for the first time and makes the gardener happy.

12 thoughts on “Black Iris

    1. pbmgarden Post author

      Thanks very much. That bed is full of fairly aggressive plants the I’m always threatening to deal with firmly, but once they start blooming I just let them go. Thanks for taking time to comment.

  1. Christina

    I love how you have captured the beautiful form of this Iris. I have a similar one, not flowering yet, and have the same problem of being able to capture how black it really looks. What is the silver leaved plant growing with it in the last image? Christina

  2. pbmgarden Post author

    Thanks for your nice comments Christina. I like to use silver plants–this one is Stachys byzantina (Lamb’s Ear). I’ve had to pull out lots of it this spring. There is also Lychnis coronaria (Rose Campion) in that same area.


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