Must-Haves And Have-Nots

The weather today was clear and sunny with the temperature perhaps reaching sixty.  It was a few degrees cooler yet just as lovely yesterday, perfect for putting in a few hours to continue the weeding.  Weeding is not particularly a favorite chore, but it provided an opportunity to be close to the earth—to see what is growing, to remember what plants did well in each spot last year and which did not, to make mental notes of future tasks and simply to enjoy being outside in garden.


Emerging growth is visible on a variety of plants this week, including some of my garden favorites. I uncovered a few of these must-have plants as I worked my way around the perennial beds weeding and removing old stems and stalks no longer needed for winter interest.


The have-nots, of course, are the weeds. My fingers are well familiar their root structures from years of coaxing their ancestors from the soil. Lately I have been trying to identify them by name, but except for the dandelion, these are tentative identifications.

Nice To Have, Won’t Have Later

Ample rains and a recent mowing makes the tall fescue lawn appear at its best today, lush and verdant. Under the care of a different gardener, one who believes in lots of watering, the grass might be coaxed into staying this way all summer.

Last year it stayed fairly nice until early June. By then North Carolina’s heat, humidity and dry spells had set in and the grass turned patchy brown until fall. Year-round green grass is not a must-have for this garden and at some point more of the lawn may be given over to flowers. Today though it certainly is pleasant to have the green.

Garden View With Verdant Lawn

6 thoughts on “Must-Haves And Have-Nots

  1. AndrewGills

    Hmmm weeds. I’ve been pulling them out for over a week while mulching a huge 100m^2 area of garden that was almost totally infested 😦 I don’t know what most of mine are called though except the nut grass, which I wish I didn’t know about 😉

  2. Cathy

    I’ve never bothered trying to identify most of my weeds, but it’s an interesting thought… After all, they are flowers too! 🙂

  3. pbmgarden Post author

    Even if bothersome, weeds are kind of interesting. When I was little I loved the dandelions and pretty much anything that flowered, and of course some people eat what I now dismiss as weeds.


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