Chilly Garden Walk

Shasta Daisy

Following several days of steady rain the temperature dropped, catching a Shasta Daisy by surprise. Holding at around 34 degrees on this gray afternoon, the chill is a reminder this is winter after all.

At least eight cardinals are bustling about. As they jockey for a turn at the feeders their bright red plumage contrasts brightly against the background of their favorite waiting stations: the verdant ‘Carolina Sapphire’ Arizona Cypress, the brownish-gray, shrubby spiraea, or the stark, white fence. Yet when a person enters the garden gate the cardinals quickly tuck themselves away, masters at hiding and waiting.

A few early daffodils have been blooming for a month in spots around the neighborhood. Now the popular and reliable King Alfreds are emerging around the garden, as are last year’s addition, Flower Carpet. It is not unusual for Winter Daphne (Daphne odora ‘Aureo-marginata’) to display some pink color this time of year, but they started early this year, since the first of November.

2 thoughts on “Chilly Garden Walk

  1. greenbenchramblings

    The most impressive blooms in our garden at the moment are tiny white ones on our Sarcococa. Tiny flowers with huge scent – we planted it outside greenhouse door and it fills it with sweetness when we work in there. And it fills the garden too!!

    1. pbmgarden Post author

      Ah! Sounds nice. I’m fairly new to winter gardening, so I will look for this shrub at the garden center. One supplier lists this as deer-resistant and that is a plus in this area. Thanks for stopping by.


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