Birds Around The Garden

The wintry chill arrived as predicted and today’s afternoon is a sunny, 33 degrees (feels like 25). Near the front walk three bluebirds sit unhurriedly on the edge and sip from the semi-thawed bird bath.

Elsewhere a yellow-bellied sapsucker, numerous cardinals and assorted other friends of the garden vie for openings at the two feeders, while an eastern towhee scratches in the underbrush nearby. With heads bobbing, a graceful pair of mourning doves pushes aside leaves in search for seeds.

Camera shy, the birds chide me and warn each other as I walk around the garden.

They tuck themselves into the two ‘Carolina Sapphire’ Arizona Cypresses in the back corner or behind the gardenias or spirea until my approach is too much for them.

Finally then they flitter off to a nearby, safer spot to observe. Rustling, adjusting themselves, they wait.

Back inside, I watch from the glass as these lovely creatures gradually resume their activities and reclaim the garden.

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