Late December Vignettes

As the year nears its close the garden proffers a few interesting scenes. The day is sunny and sixty-two degrees. The light entering the garden is low, filtered though trees from neighboring properties.

‘Blue Point’ Juniper

The ‘Blue Point’ Juniper hedge, installed ten months ago, has a long way to go before it provides privacy and screening. Although they could benefit from some shaping, these junipers are doing quite well. Worth noting, the grass rarely looks so nice as it does today, but having been reseeded in October, it has responded well to frequent and ample rains this autumn.

'Blue Point' Juniper hedge

Iberis Sempervirens (Candytuft)

The mounds of evergreen candytuft in the meditation circle have been trying to bloom for several weeks now. Weather predictions warn the temperatures will fall drastically next week, so while the flowery show may not last, it does provide a pretty sight for the end of December.

Iberis Sempervirens (Candytuft) in Meditation Circle

Helleborus Orientalis (Lenten Rose)

Wow, some of the hellebores are already blooming! While the hellebores normally do provide much winter interest, they have not bloomed this early in prior years.  Just last February I wrote about my experience with hellebores, noting that looking back through garden photographs since 2006, I had found hellebores blooming in a northern side bed as early as February 24. It would have been easy to walk past them today but I am glad I stopped and peeked inside.  There hidden away were these luscious blossoms.

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