Late October Garden, Up Close

From late this afternoon here are a few close-ups of the October garden.

Purchased this spring, the ‘Appleblossom’ yarrow performed poorly all summer. It is located in two sections of the garden, neither of which was to its liking. There were only a few blooms but perhaps it will put on a show yet. The feathery foliage looks very healthy now and several flowers promise to open soon.

Achillea x 'Appleblossom'

These chrysanthemums are one of many pass-along plants from a dear elderly cousin. The extra rains this year have given them a better than usual chance at putting on a nice show this year.


The Verbena bonariensis has had an extended blooming period this year. Several new plants were added around the garden this year and all are doing well.

Verbena bonariensis (Tall Verbena)

Several Ornamental Sweet Potato vines have given a great show this year. This one survived being nibbled to a nub by deer early in the summer.

Ornamental Sweet Potato Vine

The NC State Fair ended today and frequently garden displays there use Ornamental Chili Peppers. Inspired by those showy displays, these pots of peppers add some nice deep Fall color.

Ornamental Pepper

2 thoughts on “Late October Garden, Up Close

  1. catsmum

    Do you use your yarrow for anything?
    I just love the feathery foliage and it works so well as a ground cover [ but doesn’t like it when I decide it has overun some poor rose or iris ]


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