A Tree Lost

A dying Arizona Cypress “Carolina Sapphire” was removed Tuesday from the northwest corner of the garden where it had grown for almost ten years. One of three small evergreen trees along the back corners of the property line, this cypress not only anchored the garden and provided privacy, it hosted many of the garden’s birds.

Northwest corner "Carolina Sapphire" 9-27-2011

The tree succumbed to some aggressive and apparently ill-timed pruning this past Spring when limbs were removed to accommodate the new picket fence. Sap started rushing out from the fresh cuts and soon the tree began browning. The cypress worsened throughout the summer. Fortunately the two Carolina Sapphires at the southwest corner were unscathed, although they were pruned at the same time.

Northwest corner 9-28-2011

The garden renovation plans begun last winter have been on hold much of the summer. Perhaps finding a replacement for this lost tree will help revive them. The new fence and the meditation circle were successful additions to the garden and now there is an opportunity to make new decisions about the garden’s structure.

Especially in winter this tree will be missed.

Arizona Cypress - January 2011 Snow

2 thoughts on “A Tree Lost

  1. Dennis Fraley

    I found your browning of your carolina sapphire picture while searching online. These are supposed to be relatively disease resistant. Over the last 3 years I have lost 2 trees (after 12 years problem free). I am now seeing browning of 2 more trees. The branches and trunk seem to be weeping sap and splitting. Do you have any suggestions or advice. These trees are now over 20 feet and beautiful and I would hate to lose them. Thanks.

    1. pbmgarden Post author

      Wish I knew how to help you save these are beautiful trees but I don’t. Sadly, one of my remaining 2 carolina sapphires is now displaying the same browning and will probably have to be removed by fall.


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